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Your words have power, choose them well!
NEGATIVE STEREOTYPING hurts everyone and says something ugly about those who do it. In general terms, stereotyping refers to a widely held, yet fixed and oversimplified idea or image of a particular type of person, thing or place. We have all done it and we still use or hear phrases like, “That’s so gay!” or “You must be retarded!” and think nothing of it. If we could walk one day in the shoes of someone from another race, someone who knows they were born in the wrong gendered body or someone who has a mental illness or physical disability in a world not often equipped to let them in, we might not think so lightly of these words.
When ignorance and preconceived ideas based on what we were taught during our upbringing, our circle of friends and the media meet deeply rooted personal fear and distrust, the results can be explosive. Have you ever tried to dispel the use of negative stereotypes?
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