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Are you a justice seeker?
This collection challenges us to take a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror — which part of you is staring back at you? The victim? The bully? The warrior? Or maybe you are feeling indifferent, overwhelmed and distracted? What do you think the face of a JUSTICE SEEKER looks like?
You might be surprised to learn that some of those we have called saints or heroines have had just as many, and in some cases a lot more flaws, doubts and limiting circumstances than us. We are all of our human tendencies at different times in our lives, at different times of our day! Taking a first step towards making a difference is owning our flaws AND our brilliance, and having the desire and the intention to do a little better each moment. From here, your idea for changing the world is possible. If you wish you knew how your one life could make a difference, your one idea will come to you. Or you may realize you’ve been living that change already.
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