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Who are your top humans? What did they teach you? What will you pass on?
“You have a RIGHT TO BE HUMAN.” You’ve seen those feel-good ads on TV and thought, “Cool!” But then that same ad interrupts the world news and much of what you just saw was about incomprehensible violence, hatred and mass destruction, perpetrated on behalf of things many will label as good, like culture and tradition, religion, home and nation, revenge and justice… even in the name of freedom and liberty. Many of us on the receiving end of acts of violence find comfort in believing that karma will be the judge for those in the “wrong” who will be punished and “righted” sometime later in life. And if not in this life, then in the afterlife or in their next life. But the only true end to violence is to accept that violence is part of our being human.
Most, if not all outward acts of violence begin with acts and thoughts of inward of violence in some form. The more we “fight” these thoughts down with excessive force, the more they become hot-trigger buttons, ready to send us into a rage of uncontrolled, reactionary and irrational aggression. We must give voice to all those on the receiving end of violence so that others may not repeat their fate. For the victims of inward acts of violence, they must know that they can express their fears, their feelings of isolation and helplessness. And that they can do so in a safe space without judgement or punishment. Be a witness now.
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