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Take a good look at these KICK ASS WOMEN who chose to say to themselves “YES I CAN!” when they could have easily given up and given in, at any time. What do they have in common? An attitude, mind-set and resolve to embrace the life they have and live it to the fullest possible. Our feelings about something that happened in the past or about something… Read More & Watch!


TRAILBLAZING WONDER WOMEN past and present have helped to pave the way and shape future opportunities for women. Many of them had to forge their own pathways due to the harsh circumstances that prevailed, which forced them to make difficult choices as a result. From a young girl named Malala, who defied the Taliban in Pakistan and demanded that… Read More & Watch!


“Ideas Worth Spreading” is the call of every TED VIDEO since its start in 1984 as a Technology, Entertainment and Design conference and more recently with the community-run TEDx events. These 18-minute video uploads have since brought the most cutting-edge ideas, innovations and inspirations — from universities and research labs to mountain tops… Read More & Watch!


NEGATIVE STEREOTYPING hurts everyone and says something ugly about those who do it. In general terms, stereotyping refers to a widely held, yet fixed and oversimplified idea or image of a particular type of person, thing or place. We have all done it and we still use or hear phrases like, “That’s so gay!” or “You must be retarded!” and think nothing of it… Read More & Watch!


“You have a RIGHT TO BE HUMAN.” You’ve seen those feel-good ads on TV and thought, “Cool!” But then that same ad interrupts the world news and much of what you just saw was about incomprehensible violence, hatred and mass destruction, perpetrated on behalf of things many will label as good, like culture and tradition, religion, home and nation… Read More & Watch!


This video collection challenges us to take a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror — which part of you is staring back at you? The victim? The bully? The warrior? Or maybe you are feeling indifferent, overwhelmed and distracted? What do you think the face of a JUSTICE SEEKER looks like? You might be surprised to learn that some of those we have… Read More & Watch!


Creating resolutions, setting goals and seeking CAREER ADVICE can all bring us closer to meaningful results. The key is to be persistent, have the right attitude, have fun with it, and be prepared to fail many times along the way. The person who is afraid of failure but does it anyway, learns the most! What do female body guards, firefighters, CEOs and scientists… Read More & Watch!


You’ve heard the quotes, “The only thing in life to fear, is fear itself” and “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Whether your current state of being is one of fearfulness or FEARLESSNESS, one thing is certain — you are far from alone in these feelings. We may be dealing with any number of sociological, economic or physiological circumstances, but we cannot detach fear… Read More & Watch!


Life is a journey, not a destination. What would life be like without challenges, OBSTACLES and adventure? Perhaps safe and secure, but how much growth and self development would we experience? Would we truly ever know what it is to fall in love, feel compassion or know the vast abundance of beauty that is always out there for us? Obstacles were made to be overcome and… Read More & Watch!


Thankfully there are a few influential individuals, organizations and companies making a positive impact via MEDIA ADVERTISING. At Wonder Women, we love seeing positive messaging, and we know this trend will continue as we see more evidence of it, not only on TV and in radio spots, but in smaller online blogs and community based projects… Read More & Watch!


The world is in need of more SUPERMEN who are confident and self-assured enough to step up for equality. This Supermen collection brings to you our ideal of real men who are not threatened by women who own their power. They strongly feel that women deserve respect, freedom of opportunity, mobility and choice, and equal pay… Read More & Watch!


This collection includes a few videos that may be more appropiate forages 18+. Musicians have tremendous influence on society. As the CEOs of their own powerful brands, MUSIC LEADERS can cut through racial, sexual, economic, cultural and political divides with their music. Their lyrics are a living legacy, and is some cases they become an agent of far-reaching change… Read More & Watch!

Perhaps the single most important contribution that we can make as Human Beings is in “being” humans who treat ourselves and others with respect and kindness, as well as with appreciation for our inherent diversity.