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“I have a dream that together we will build an enlightened world. A world led by Wonder Women from the kitchen table to the boardroom who cast a light on ignorance and fear with compassion and love. I will be bringing much of them into WWMW. GO EXPLORE!

About Wonder Women Media World and how best to navigate it!

Creating this platform is a dream come through and it is my pleasure to be able to share it with you.

Perhaps you would visit here often and spread the word about its catalytic effect to inspire, motivate, provide insight, learning, pleasure and fun.

One person’s positive reaction to something here could very well lead to developing and growing that Wonder Woman or Superman they were born to be.

Every time that happens transformation is in effect.

What we have created here is a home for VIDEOS, VOICES & VISION of Wonder Women all over the world. They share with you their passions, purpose, talents, concerns, point-of view, stories, lessons and wisdom about issues we all deal with in daily life.

My greatest wish for Media World is that it will continue to grow, blossom and expand as a living archive. I would like to invite women to contribute to this platform and to reach out to us about their own productions, or videos that they would like to see included.

There are some who think they are not Wonder Women if they’re not doing something of heroic proportions, but I truly believe that inner change can be the most profound, important and impactful form of leadership.

[PLEASE NOTE] Our intention is to present uplifting, positive, and important messages. Some of the videos in our collections may not be suitable for all ages and may be emotional to watch for some.

If you would like to contribute to this archive kindly fill out the form on this page and I recommend checking out our main site aka Mother site” via our circular navigation tab (yellow) on the left side of this page. Does it not just beckons you to OPEN it? When you do click the “involved” tab.

In light and with deep appreciation for your support in joining us to build an enlightened and empowered community of Wonder Women leaders globally.

Aliya Hallim-Byne

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